Newspaper endorsements going to Kerry

Newspapers are starting to issue editorial endorsements for Presidential candidates, and the tide is turning against the incumbent. Kerry leads Bush 11 – 8 in terms of endorsements (as of 10/11), with the bigger papers dominantly going to Kerry (4-to-1 ratio in total circulation). Here’s the list as of Monday:

“G” and “B” refer to whether the paper endorsed Gore or Bush in 2000:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (G): 418,323
The Philadelphia Inquirer (G): 387.692
Detroit Free Press (G): 354,581
The Oregonian (Portland) (B): 342,040
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (G): 281,198
The Seattle Times (B): 237,303
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (G): 150,901
The Philadelphia Daily News: 139,983
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) (G): 109,592
Portland Press Herald (Maine) (G): 73,211
The Day (New London, Conn.) (B): 39,553

Total Pro-Kerry Daily Circ: 2,534,377

Las Vegas Review-Journal (B): 170,061
Tulsa World (Okla.) (B): 139,383
Mobile (Ala.) Register (B): 100,244
The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.) (B): 51,498
The Pueblo (Colo.) Chieftain: 52,208
Amarillo (Texas) Globe-News (B): 51,105
The Sun (Lowell, Mass.) (B): 50,369
The Courier (Findlay, Ohio) (B): 22,319

Total Pro-Bush Daily Circ: 637,187

Kind of speaks for itself, except that Editor and Publisher forgot that the local Crawford, TX paper endorsed Kerry as well.