Live debate thoughts…

An hour into the debate. Kerry is articulate, giving relatively short, crisp answers. Bush has appeared hesitant, befuddled, and hesitant throughout the debate. Bush also appears defensive in a lot of his answers. Little is being said that we haven’t heard before, but I think Kerry is doing a good job of being calm, strong, and decisive. Bush keeps hitting all the hot buttons about “changing positions” and is really slamming the “wrong war at the wrong time” meme as often as possible.

Oooh….Kerry just landed a punch on nuclear proliferation, noting that Bush has secured less nuclear material since 9/11 than before.

I’m really glad that Kerry brought up the 100K+ hours of untranslated tapes, and is stressing failures in homeland security and the “war on terror.” Kerry is appearing quite presidential tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how the polls respond to this debate. Novak’s live blogging on CNN is hilarious: exactly the opposite of how I’m seeing it.

It’s interesting. Kerry keeps talking about what the President has failed to do. Bush keeps responding about how much money he’s spent towards doing things. He doesn’t say much about whether much of it gets accomplished.

Oh god. Bush is touting missile defense. “We’ll be implementing missile defense system relatively quickly.”