Quiet lately, but a good book recommendation

Writing has taken a back seat lately to work, since we’re coming up on a deadline. I’ll be back to posting more regular in the coming week. I have been reading The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America, by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. The authors are responsible for the Economist’s coverage of the United States, and have an interesting viewpoint as (partial) outsiders to our political struggles. More on that as I finish the last few chapters, but thus far I recommend it highly.


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    the lives of everyday Americans who are facing real challenges.”

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  20. iPOP! New York 2006 Brings Talent Managing and Modeling Agency Representatives Together with Aspiring Models, Actors, Singers and Dancers

    in America. (PRWEB Jun 29, 2006)

    Trackback URL: http://www.prweb.com/chachingpr.php/SGFsZi1JbnNlLUNyYXMtQ291cC1JbnNlLVplcm8=