My book addiction…

I have an addiction to books, and now that Will Baude and Heidi Bond have gone public, I feel safe acknowledging my problem. I disabled “one-click” ordering on Amazon last month, because it was entirely too easy to read a reference or review and think, “oh, I need to read that.” There’s a bookcase in my living room which is stacked with books waiting to be read…and we won’t discuss the rest of the house.

Like Will, books and reading are an essential part of my daily routine. I can’t imagine not reading at some point during the day. I often turn down lunch opportunities in order to dine by myself and read. I get grumpy if my schedule doesn’t allow at least some time to read and think. When I visit someone’s house and they have bookshelves, I find myself drifting over to their shelves, to see what they read…see if there’s anything I need to read.

I’d go on but the chair by the window looks comfortable, and I’ve got a few more pages of Randy Barnett’s Restoring the Lost Constitution to go…


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  1. finnie,

    Wow, I thought I’m a weirdo for being addicted to books!!I felt exactly the same like you guys when it comes to reading. i just rearrange my bookshelves last week and believe it or not I just found 3 similar books of stephen king’s desperation and 2 Jackie Collin’s books of Lady Boss. and I got lot more books on the waiting list. all i need is good recommendation and i’ll be heading to the bookstore. i’ve been reading To kill a Mockingbird for countless times and it is one of the best book I’ve ever read. i read all the time and what else can I say as what Laurene said is happening to me as well!! reading is definitely fun. My parents used to bring me to the bookstore or book exhibition and always end up going to the security to announce that they are looking for me who already lost in a world of books. as i grow older they will leave me at the bookstore and they will go shooping and at the end of the day will come back to the store and go home. those were the days tht I will always treasure..

  2. laureene reeves,

    just like heidi and will and mark
    i have this addiction to books..i might not make time for everything else but i’ll always make time for a so addicted to books that i keep them..i can go without food coz a good book is like food to my soul.i’ll carry my book with me everywhere and read it on my way to work,on the bus ,on my 15 minute break.when am away from my book,i cant bear it becaue i cannot stop reflecting on what i have read so far and at the same time predicting what is going to happen. thats why i cant stand ‘mills and boon’ coz they all have the same story line to me, its your typical boy meets girl they flirt for a bit fall in love then have a row he or she moves away with family ,they meet later in life then it all comes together again and they live happily ever after.
    see am after books like john grisham’s( whose entire collection i have got)or sidney sheldon, james patterson, ludlum where am kept guessing and on my toes and u stay up late just reading this book where you feel part of the story line till your brain says ‘come on laureen its late and you’ve got to get some sleep’.
    i try exploring different authors and when someone gives a good review about a book,i make it a point to acquire one and see what the fuss is all about.
    you see my dear friends,am so addicted to books that i will go back and read all the paperbacks i have already been through a million times again.i tend to know the story line that i cant re-tell a book by heart or entire story line.
    isnt reading fun?