“Flooding the zone”: is the early handover of sovereignty meant to drown out the Supreme Court?

I was so interested in the Court’s trifecta of enemy combatant opinions this morning that I didn’t even think about the fact that sovereignty was handed over to Iraq two days early. But Jack Balkin brought up the connection today:

The Bush Administration handed sovereignty over to the Iraqi government two days early, on the same day that the Supreme Court was about to announce whether it supported key aspects of the President’s policies. By moving the handover forward, the Administration not only avoided security problems, it also upstaged the Supreme Court.

Conicidence? I think not. It’s called flooding the zone, folks.

Not having the “insider” experience, I have no way to tell how credible such notions are. But given how carefully the news cycle is managed by every White House, not just the current one, I guess Balkin’s claim is plausible.

If it is, it’s too bad, because having read all the opinions now….the Court kicked some power-grabbing, liberty-trampling Administration ass today. Anytime I find myself cheering while reading a Scalia opinion, you know the world’s gone topsy-turvy.