Domaine Tempier Bandol Rose 2003


The Tempier Bandol rose from 2003 is finally in the Seattle market, an event I eagerly wait for each year. In addition to “stocking the cellar,” I snagged a bottle for trying tonight.

The 2003 is pale salmon pink, much paler than any of the last three years upon release. The pale color belies, however, the almost salty herbal nose which makes Tempier rose so incredible. The palate has a ton of glycerin and body, especially given the color. It’s very different than the 2001 and 2002, which were “heavier” wines in my opinion, and much better than the heavier-but-bitter 2000. It’s great rose, as always, but it’s also “different” than the last four vintages (I still have 1999-2002 in the cellar, and can make the comparison). This is less bold, a bit “thinner” in aroma, and more restrained. But no less lovely for its restraint.


I’m going to wrap up this posting now and sit down with a glass and a dish of green picholine olives, which go perfectly with Tempier rose. The combination transports me instantly to a sidewalk cafe in Bandol, looking out at sunset drinking rose, eating olives, and waiting until the restaurants open…