An Interim Constitution for Iraq

 Well, Iraq is close to having an interim constitution, after the Governing Council finally agreed on a draft.  Bremer says he’ll sign it, at which point it’ll be the law of the land (at least until June 30th, but it could be additionally ratified at that point, or modified).  

I haven’t seen a full released copy yet, but it appears to have a bill of rights, softened language on the relationship between Islam and legislation, and compromises for Kurds (including retention of militia and extensive self-rule in Kurdistan).  25% of the seats in the provisional legislature will be reserved for women, which is a pretty good step away from true fundamentalism.  

I’m going to be rooting for this over the next couple of months – if this can be a start of a real shot at constitutional government for Iraq, it’ll go a long way towards furthering reconstruction and rebuilding.