Just when you think you understand…

…you discover that the world is even weirder than you thought.  This is from 2001, and I don’t remember where I saw the link for it. 

State Senator Kay O’Connor of Kansas was asked in mid-September 2001 whether she was planning to attend the League of Women Voter’s “Celebrate the Right to Vote” luncheon.  O’Connor publicly said that she does not support the 19th Amendment, which extended suffrage to women, and that if it were up for ratification today she would not vote for it.

Huh?  A State Senator, an elected official, and vice-chair (at that time) of the elections and government committee, isn’t in favor of women having the right to vote?

When asked about the 19th Amendment, O’Connor said: “I’m an old-fashioned woman.  Men should take care of women, and if men were taking of women today we wouldn’t have to vote.”

My head hurts, and I need a martini after reading that.